Project Introduction

Designing and Supervising on Fire Extinguishing Systems Of Some Stations in Line 1.

Service Description:

- Providing consulting services in the implementation of engineering contracts for the purchase, installation, testing, and setting up of tunnel fire alarm system and automatic gas fire extinguishing system as a package and fulfillment of relevant requirements (Phase1- Line 2).

- Providing consultant services in the implementation of the contract for the purchase, transportation and installation of fire-resistant doors for automatic gas extinguishing spaces, ventilation shaft No. 8, escalator doors of stations and tunnels between Ghods station and Shohada (Phase 1- line 1), and Kaveh train depot doors.

- Providing studies and consulting services regarding the preparation of technical and economic evaluation of gas and water automatic fire extinguishing systems and preparation of documents, technical, contractual and legal specifications for holding tenders for the implementation of automatic fire alarm and extinguishing systems (phase 2 - line one) and depot Kaveh Isfahan urabn train.