Project Introduction

Supplementary Study on Buildings and Equipment of Mashhad Urban Train Depots- East And West Side Of Line 1.

Service description:

- Providing technical specifications, preparation of tender documents and holding tenders for purchase, installation and setting up shop equipment, shop tools, dual-purpose rescue equipment, line maintenance and maintenance machines, etc. related to west and east depots and line route 1 urban train in Mashhad.

- Performing services related to multi-purpose buildings in order to establish train operators, repair and maintenance groups of Q.C.S systems, signaling, telecommunications, facilities, fleet, lines and buildings, etc., and warehouses for tools and equipment in the western depot.

- assessing of the implemented plans of the heavy repair shop, line and railroad switch shop, visiting salon, central warehouse, station salon, etc. in East Depot with the aim of determining the specifications of required tools and equipment and presenting the location plan and arrangement of equipment and tools of shops For each working group.

- Studies and designing of the building for the placing train operators in the East Depot.

Studies and designing the building for parking of diesel machines (floors), train washing salon and required shop tools.

- Studies and designing repair spaces and required support on a Mashhad urban train line.