A feasibility study is an analysis that examines how a project can be successfully completed by examining the economic, legal, time planning, and technological possibilities. Planning managers use this analysis to evaluate the positive and negative outputs to determine the value of investing in it in terms of time and cost.

Feasibility studies examine an idea, project, or even a business. The purpose of this analysis is to emphasize the possibility of some problems that the project may encounter, and its output to show how the project is progressing. This analysis also provides analyzes such as the amount of financial support required and the competitive situation. Reviewing these studies and finding solutions to problems is a good strategy for marketing and attracting investors.

Service Fields:

Carrying out technical, economic and financial studies of projects with conventional technology without investment ceiling.

Carrying out technical, economic and financial studies of high-tech projects.

Monitoring the implementation of the plan and resource consumption in projects with conventional technology.