• Designing & Supervising Services on the Construction of Depots of Urban Train System
  • Designing & Supervising Services on Maintenance and Physical Assets Management
  • Consulting & Supervising Services for Onshore & Offshore Projects
  • Design & Implementation of Industrial Projects in PC, EPC, EPCM‎
  • Designing & Supervising Services on the Construction of Mineral Production and Processing Units
  • Conducting Studies on Elevator and Escalator


Relying on the knowledge and experience gained over the last four decades and enjoying a large group of experts and specialists in various fields, ITCEN Co. is able to provide specialized design and engineering services to various features of industrial projects. Our main field of activities include:

Designing & Implementing Different Oil,Gas and Petrochemical Projects (EPC,PC,C).
Planning Preventive Maintenances for Industrial Plants.
Implementing Asset Management System in Diverse Industries.
Designing & supervising on the Construction of Depots of the Urban Train System.
Conducting Feasibility and Viability Studies for Industrial Plants.
Designing & supervising the Construction of Grain Silos.
Designing & Supervising The Construction of Mineral and Salt Processing Plant.
Designing & Supervising the Construction, the Installation and Commissioning of Material Handling Systems.

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