Grades and certificates

Management and Planning Organization (MPO) as the main governmental body assigned for regulatory and supervisory of engineering services in Iran has granted the following ranking to ITCEN:


  • Grade One in Designing Industrial, Commercial, Administrative, Military and Residential Buildings.
  • Grade One in Technical Inspection Services.
  • Grade Two in Chemical, Cellolose, Polymer, Textile and Agricultural Industries.
  • Grade Three in Oil&Gas Refinary and Petrochemical Industries.
  • Grade Three in Metal (rolling, forming, casting) and Machine Manufacturing Industries.
  • Grade Three in Electrical and Mechanical Utilities. 



Investment and banking consultancy service providers in Iran, should be authorized by Association of Banking and Credit Investment Consultants (ABCIC). ITCEN is being granted the following grades:

Grade B2 in Feasibiity Studies and Grade C3 in Supervision Services in the fields of: 

  • Mining and Metal Industries
  • Energy, Oil and Gas Industries
  • Agricultural Industries